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About Us

Axplore Abroad Studies opens door for your academic quest and career goal. We, at AASC believes that every individual has his own interest and strength to excel in his career, for which there is a specific need to expose him to various academic opportunities available globally.

The organisation provides various academic options to the aspirants on global platform. Axplore Abroad Studies is promoted by the team of successful professionals who have worked in the field of education and travel.

It is our endeavour to provide quality counselling and varied options to the student’s community. Our counsellors, besides providing suitable options, drive out myths usually associated with overseas education. Our clearly laid down system makes it convenient for students to understand procedures and documentation.

Vision & Mision

We have a wide vision to become the most preferred educational consultant by consistently providing world class coaching & counselling facilities through best faculty and staff.

"Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant."